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Solid Converter® PDF

Function: PDF to Word, Excel - Easily Editable Documents!

Solid Converter PDF is one of several excellent PDF to Word converter and PDF creation products from Solid Documents


  • PDF to Word conversion at an affordable price

  • Convert your PDFs to Microsoft® Word documents for easy editing! Solid Converter PDF to Word converts tables, hyperlinks, rotated text, and more, all at a fraction of the cost of Adobe® Acrobat®.
  • PDF to Excel Conversion

  • Convert tables from your PDF files to Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets. Select pages or entire document.
  • Scanned PDF Recovery

  • Convert legacy scanned PDF files into well formatted, editable Word documents.
    (Requires Office 2003 or Office 2007)
  • Scan to Word  

  • Scan directly from paper to well formatted, editable Word documents.
    (Requires Microsoft® Office 2003 or Office 2007)
  • Selective Extraction 

  • Select the content you wish to convert to Word directly from the PDF page. Formatting, styles, layout preserved.
  • WYSIWYG Content Extraction 

  • Convert selected text, tables or images from a PDF file. Creates formatted content in Word, tables in Excel or image files.
  • Convert PDF to HTML

  • Use advanced document reconstruction to convert PDF to formatted W3C compliant XHTML. Figures out columns. Removes headers, footers and images.
  • Convert PDF to Text

  • Use advanced document reconstruction to extract flowing text content from PDF. Figures out columns. Removes headers and footers.
  • Quality Conversions

  • No need to waste hours reformatting and reworking your converted Word files.
  • Headers and Footers

  • Advanced options for converting or removing headers and footers.
  • Table Recovery

  • Superior reconstruction of bordered and borderless tables as table objects, with formatting, in Word.
  • Form Recognition

  • PDF form fields are recognized and converted into text boxes for easy editing.
  • Hyperlink Detection

  • URL hyperlinks in the original PDF are automatically transferred into the new Word document.
  • Extract Pages

  • Extract pages from a PDF file as a single new PDF or as multiple new PDFs for each page.
  • Batch-Process Conversions

  • Save time by using batch conversion palettes in the UI or using scripts from the command line.
  • Password-Protect your PDFs

  • You can restrict who can view, edit, copy, print or add comments to your document.
  • Encrypt your PDFs

  • Secure your PDF files using 128-bit RC4 or AES encryption algorithms.
  • PDF Bookmarks from Office

  • Automatically create PDF bookmark outlines from Word, PowerPoint, Excel or Publisher documents.
  • 64 bit Platform Support

  • Solid Documents products now run seamlessly on Windows XP 64 and 
    Windows Vista 64.
  • Reduce File Size

  • Keep your PDFs small with our compression options. Optimize file size for Web or print while preserving an appropriate level of quality.
  • Archive Using PDF/A 

  • Create PDF/A-1b documents which are fully compliant with ISO 19005-1 archiving standards.
  • Easy to learn and easy to use

  • There’s practically no learning curve with Solid Converter® PDF. You can be up and running in minutes.



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